Brian Sing
+1 (310) 948-1643
Digital Product Designer

Brian Sing was born on Dec 1, 1994 at 747am in Santa Monica, CA.


       Brian has designed both freelance and salaried for various contexts including in studio, agency, startups, nonprofit, and consultancies. He holds an AB from Wesleyan and AS from Parsons, and in 2022 was sponsored to complete a UX certification via General Assembly. Currently working in Brooklyn. 

       Current tenure with TMRW Life Sciences. These Days, craft and focus primarily include drafting and maintaining design systems across new feature conceptualization and implementation within Product-Design-Engineering pod structures.

Anybody who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.

I believe that, in driving product design, form and function cannot be disentangled from users, our shared context, and each other. In this way, every great company that has truly succeeded before exemplifies this.