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Redesigning the Master Control Panel for SMS

TMRW SMS Flight Board(s) Redesign

^ Here is my final design for the “Relocation Flight Board” —one of two Master “Flight Board” control panels where users can view all of their frozen specimens—seen here fully coded in a dev environment. 

Before ↓

Before ↑                    After ↓

After ↑

        This project was one of six significant ongoing affairs for the duration of ONE SPRINT design, and was one of four significant ongoing affairs during TWO SPRINTS dev (with additional sprints leading up to this to get the user feedback and buy-in required to initiate these endeavors). 

        Given the nature of the speed, the process was quite fluid, but for the sake of a case study will be broken into four steps. 

        TMRW Life Sciences is federally regulated so in the interest of maximizing impact per labor, releases are sporadic and sizely. 

Discovery via Research

        When evaluating the Flight Board, we first took a deep look at areas to focus on improving, namely transparency. 

        Painpoints arose in considering how users viewed time. They weren’t really prescheduling events, but rather, working actively in real time to meet demands. 

        Moreover they were responding to categorization by recordkeeping, particularly in relocations, what had already been an issue previously.

        The separation in function between the master board and the relocation board begged to have the two be merged.


        We embarked upon the goal of transparency with findings including (1)—users viewing time primarily through PRESENT and then PAST, viewing from a last-name basis perspective, with an emphasis of tracking a CryoBeacon across its journey.

        (2)—We wanted to merge the Master Board and Relocation Boards’ visual design.

        (3)—We wanted to make it easier for our users.


Some screenshots of what we were up against:

       What we generally wanted to move towards:


Federally Compliant Documentation as Dev Kickoff

        My contribution was designing the visual solution as well as documenting the entirety of the screen and its various behaviors, sectioned off by various releases and broken up into individual “Design Inputs” that would be interwoven with various “Business Needs.”


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