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Converting form into heavily documented testable units

Compliance, Documentation for TMRW Life Sciences

       Though I cannot say for certain if this is normal of most UIUX designers, at TMRW I draft the documentation for each feature I work on. This is routed through a compliance director who gets the sign off from various directors.

       The form of this compliance work is often documentation, included below.
diagram of every page and use case of the Specimen Management System for compliance documentation

rigorous documentation in raw format (above) and QMS governed (below)

breakdown of each page by all acceptance criteria including database and visual design interactions based on various triggers and conditionals 

        These various documentations have been used for cases as wide as internal testers to external auditers and every relevant new-hire onboarding in between.

Rumination: More on Compliance

Insert statement about teamwork, shifting priorities, maybe a screenshot of some faces, the afters of the image of compliance logo marks seen above, and maybe a nice statement about how TMRW is setting a new standard of care including absolute compliance with government, which often involves adherance to federal processing protocols, especially when operating in various territories.

  1. Image of legacy SMS system mapped left-to-right by click count for all 51 screens and 30 unique use cases by Brian Sing. 
  2. Image of Greenlight Guru design-input by Brian Sing, documenting every screen by individual element as independent, testable elements.
  3. Logo compliance lockup updated regularly by Brian Sing in order to reflect ongoing standards of care in-line with federal compliance legislations.
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