Brian Sing
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Digital Product Designer

Non-Product Based Design Work

Non-Product Visual Design Work
aka my “More Works” Category  

Showing my preproduct form making outputs as a window into my candidacy.

^ some of my digital image making

^this website was the output of my first two months of covid lol 

^some outputs for a film making company I worked for

^some of my adidas dayjob work

^ graphic work can happen in product contexts building on existing dna

Even More More

Seeing is believing, but showing old-old work is rather stigmatized. Choose to scroll in order to continue.

^ various print endeavors at Parsons

^ some print journals I’ve worked on during my time

^ less formal print work at Parsons

^ my independent risograph prints documenting the robot I had paint Cellular Automata patterns. results here look akin to Sumi-e

Can’t Believe You’re Still Here!

Process “B—SIDES” images included here to round out a “graduate portfolio” hehe

^ i make a bunch of html / css only websites for fun, usually showcasing glory images of works i have done previously as a part of a team

^ various physical work i’ve done previously

^ these last two images are dayjob b-sides

 ^ some intern work that will never see the light of day

^ more student era outtakes

^ other other outtakes

Anybody who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.

I believe that, in driving product design, form and function cannot be disentangled from users, our shared context, and each other. In this way, every great company that has truly succeeded before exemplifies this.