Brian Sing
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Digital Product Designer

Reinforcing cryostorage with digital processes!

‘UIUX’ for TMRW Life Sciences, Inc.

        TMRW’s foundational technology is the CryoBeacon (left), a digitally-reinforced specimen container which safekeeps the practice of embryology by logging an audit trail within its unique -320°F proof track-and-trace technology, empowered by the ivfOS operating system. 

        At TMRW, I am digital product designer №2 on ivfOS. This page points out a variety of contributions I have made, followed by room for a more comprehensive meditation on my current tenure in Biotech at the end.

Select Projects

TMRW’s Specimen Management System ​(SMS) is used to map all Cross-Site transfers.

CryoLink is a work bench decoupling ivfOS from automation, allowing for more flexible workflows.

As the UIUX designer I uphold the design system across ivfOS.

At TMRW, among other responsibilities, I  heavily document ivfOS for compliance purposes.

TMRW’s Specimen Management System ​(SMS) is a desktop web app managing all eggs and embryos within a clinic’s total inventory.

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Incoming Retrospecta


Its quite ironic to reflect upon a situation while going through the thick of it. A decade of design experience is very much so not embryology experience. I have found this to mean, above all else, the need to uplift the voice of the user.

Working in a startup is often chaotic, but its also chill and no biggie. Everyone has their part to play. 

At a young company, getting to start upholding systems for UI production, compliance documentation and interdisciplinary collaboration is always rewarding. There are great wins among growing difficulties, worked through as a team, and above all it is a testament to the truth of standards of design.

Additional Statement about Alabama Ruling from Q1

  • The Alabama Supreme Court recently ruled that embryos are “extrauterine children” entitled to legal protection under the Wrongful Death of a Minor Act, which is a civil statute that allows parents of a deceased child (or third parties, in certain situations) to recover punitive damages for their child’s death.

  • The effect of this opinion is to extend personhood to embryos in cryostorage for purposes of this statute, allowing a cause of action for wrongful death in the case of a loss of or damage to an embryo by a third party.

Such technology like that built at my job at TMRW effectively is defending Embryologists from being roped down by instances such as absolutely heinous legislature clearly bolstering anti-abortion approaches. 
Anybody who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.

I believe that, in driving product design, form and function cannot be disentangled from users, our shared context, and each other. In this way, every great company that has truly succeeded before exemplifies this.