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TMRW CryoLink WorkBench → validate orders with track-and-trace  

TMRW CryoLink → Biorepository Ops

Highlight Images 1–3 feature various layers of developer handoff

Figma Handoff

Google Docs, accompanying 12 Page Handoff

Zeplin, acompanying 36 Screens stitched together into 7 linear flows

Long Case Study (12 mins)

        This page reviews the feature “Bulk Validation”—a dynamic validation step to support TMRW’s commercial offsite storage Biorepository solution for clinics—through the lens of our CryoLink mobile workbench. This station is used by clinics to dynamically validate a large amount of inventory.

1. context: Large format automated cryostorage.

2. context: some available robots at a Biorepository.

3. Image of the CryoLink, which is used in part as a Validation Station
4.  A CryoGrid used to hold many CryoBeacons. It can be read at the CryoLink to validate the inventory of every beacon in the Grid all at once (way better than opening each one up and checking frozen specimeny manually).  

        By using existing robots as offsite storage, TMRW can circumvent demanding clinics to make the site-specific structural and architectural interventions necessary to uphold larger CryoRobots. Mass Execute, the ability to validate an inventory of CryoBeacons at once, becomes increasingly important as the cryoshipping component of this transaction plays out. 

My Challenge:

Validating 98 CryoBeacons at Once

screenshot of CryoLink’s UI production file (Figma) showing Mass-Execute feature pre-Zeplin approval cycle

        Above shows a previous iteration of ‘Validating 98 CryoBeacons at Once’ at the CryoLink mobile workstation, simply by putting a grid of CryoBeacons into the scanning bed (far more efficient than opening up each one, when each CryoBeacon has a digital chip tracing the history of its contents from day zero).

       This is essential as the CryoShipper, while able to sustain -320°F across air-based transit, is effectively without a vast amount of the affordances ivfOS otherwise provides to its robots. 

image of a CryoGrid with liquid Ln2

image of a CryoShipper into which CryoGrids are packaged for shipment

      In classic fashion of reducing scope, this work comes between user and business needs given the amount of time this project gestated before getting to my desk (despite the fact that I fully realized this suite of features over the course of a few weeks).

       As such, in early stage collaboration with developers, we came into this solution below, effectively cutting all of the yellow-error screens, and a good half of the screens in the rows below them.  

Design in Progress (screenshot)
       This current iteration of the design features all the actions elicited from these error states as upfront decisions the user can choose to take, should they deviate from the CryoShipper plans they scripted at their TMRW Specimen Management System, effectively cutting dev work in half.


Flexible CryoStorage 

Previous Design drafted by previous designer (why is the last table not connected all the way....)

Akin to when we order packages on Amazon and aren’t locked a choice by Amazon of where in our apartments we will choose to store our packages, the onus of this ‘Flexible CryoStorage’ feature for the CryoLink is to give the users the ability to change the Storage location of specific specimens when their CryoShipment arrives. 

This is particularly key for users as some inventory requested for routine checks, while others are for time-sensitive operations like in-vitro fertilization. Appropriately, this feature allows users to decouple the assigned automated storage process from CryoBeacons to get the specimen where they need to go faster.

my Version’s draft one change using reusable components and structural edits including not aligning all data to the bottom of the screen and fixed headers among others 

low-fidelity screens considering additional user affordances that would allow Embryologists to change store to location while processing their CryoBeacons, without having to click into a details page

Sometimes though, crossroads in planning can be inaction.

         In classic fashion, given how long this project gestated before reaching my desk, we had to trim scope dramatically. Though the months of foresight our business acumen afforded us allowed us to consider taking on this work, in hindsight, talk can be expensive if it is without output. 

        Accordingly, we readjusted this work, breaking it out piecemeal, in order to give it the light of day.  

readjusted version of the assigned-location solution that made its way into dev

In the current iteration of this solution, the user has to decouple the individual CryoBeacon from its batch in order to change the assigned-location of the item. This solution decouples batching from assigned-location changes, reducing the developer lift while still technically meeting the business case. 

In Conclusion / Reflection upon next steps

WIP Reflection Message is currently evolving as the case unfolds. Some ongoing thoughts to close this case study out:

  • As with all young companies, the work is ongoing and ever-evolving.

  • We strive in our discipline to build upon user details in a way that will empower our business.

  • Processes are to be maintained and upheld in order to see best products through, but when those processes are disregarded, often it is the foundation of the work itself must be re-evaluated. 

As such, it is essential that work sees light of day ASAP for feedback, iteration and refinement. This much is true across all disciplines. 

Footnotes to be populated for public release of this website in 2025.

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Anybody who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.

I believe that, in driving product design, form and function cannot be disentangled from users, our shared context, and each other. In this way, every great company that has truly succeeded before exemplifies this.