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Trojan horsing Ads into Chatbots

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Previous designers gem findings.

Previous designers’ new trophy format. Target liked the idea but elected not to buy exclusively.

Very demanding IxD with limited payoff reveals design-driven egofetishim does not pay dividends when the visual language encourages users to not care.

Data showing that due to this format, users not only checked out but also then completely disengaged from all future adtech placements on the page.

Iterating is useful

Those who cannot see must be shown. Robust iteration is most helpful for those who cannot overcome their own preconcieved notions.

Towards inclusive technical handoffs


Finding a non-branded v2 in the wild

More Iteration

Insert loren ipsum statement about how iteration is important, then show an overwhelming amount of examples and results (increase public marketplace inventory by 65%, private marketplace inventory by 300% for the company during my tenure).

Also include a link (disclaimer: this link will bounce to an external reference point). Here is a link to 30 out of the 120 examples for this job.
Anybody who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.

I believe that, in driving product design, form and function cannot be disentangled from users, our shared context, and each other. In this way, every great company that has truly succeeded before exemplifies this.